Auto Haus Classics of Williamsburg was born out of the vision and dedication of the original owner whom started the business over 22 years ago.  Coming to America from Austria as a Certified Master Mercedes Mechanic, the owner started servicing and repairing local vehicles and built his business from ground up.  Integrity, reputation and work ethic have contributed to the growth of this organization to be recognized as a premier source for all things Mercedes including all other European makes and models. 


With the creation of Auto Haus Classics of Williamsburg we are now able to return to our roots.  Concentration on specialty repair and restoration of these vehicles is our passion.  The love affair that people had with these classic automobile designs when they were introduced is rapidly returning.  Ageless body lines, simplicity of design and precision of mechanics are leading the demand for quality high end restoration work. 


We have assembled a team of European trained technicians who truly know the old cars and the inner workings of them.  We are excited to share their passion and dedication for the restoration process no matter how small or grand the job may be.  Come visit our location at 212 Second Street, Williamsburg Va, or just simply call us at 757-645-2900 to inquire about your vehicle's Service or Restoration needs.